Words! Words! Words! Today!
What did you really want to say?
Words are to help us talk and relate.
Instead they bring conflict and debate.

Was the error grounds for divorce?
Or was the mistake a part of the course?
Did the error cause fault, failure, flop?
Or was it training enroute to the top?

When you say "HOT!" Do you mean "REALLY COOL"?
Is a jester a clown or a fool?
Is a rose still a rose if you call it a mum?
If a person can't speak, is he stupid or dumb?

Now describe your God. Is It Spirit or Source?
Father or Son? Higher Power? The Force?
Are we here on a journey to get it right?
Are there goals? Lessons? Or simply The Light?

Does our Intuition know what to do
If we listen real hard for a silent clue?
Is the church a building with steeple and glass?
Or a person? A bug? A rock? Or the grass?

Words! Words! Words! Today!
A feeble attempt to explain it away.
It's all we have to describe the pain
And share with each other for Spiritual Gain.

©Lynnette Schuepbach, July 1991