L. B. from Glen Carbon, Illinois asked, "Do colors really create emotions?"

Dear L,

According to The Wagner Institute for Color Research, color can create moods even when not seen by the eye. So before you pick the color for your room, decide what mood you want to create.   For instance, red is an energetic, warm color. It makes you want to stay longer, eat more, spend more.  It is the first color that babies see and can stimulate them to be brighter and more attentive. But an entire room of red may be too overpowering on the nervous system.   Blue is a very cool and calming color. You will see it in hospitals and it is excellent in bedrooms. However, used in the extreme it can give you a feeling of sadness and depression.   Yellow activates the nervous system. Look at nature. It’s only shown in small quantities there and for short periods as the flowers bloom. Although it can cheer you up, it has been shown that in rooms painted in very bright hues of yellow, babies cry more and Parkinson patients shake more.  Orange is similar to red, but without the intensity of red. It’s a warm, friendly color that usually is accepted by most people. When Howard Johnson created their logo, they used mostly orange, but decided that it made the business appear too common. So they added the green for more of a rich feel.  You get the drift, right? Color does create an emotion and emotions make you choose specific color. Let me know how you feel from different colors you experience!

Thanks for asking!  Lynnette Schuepbach

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