Walking down the road of life

I meet a hornet swarm.

"We could use another person

With strong brain, back, and arm."


"We're working with the honey bees

To benefit both groups.

We lay our eggs inside their hive.

And then protect their troups."


I watch the hatching hornets eating

Honey stored below.

"Do the bees have enough to take care of all?"

I ask, just wanting to know.


"Beware!"  the King hornet yells to his swarm.

"She plans for our defeat!"

"No,"  I say.  "I just want to know

That the bees have enough to eat."

It isn't long before all the swarm

Is stinging me left and right.

As I protest, they get some jest

In stabbing me into the night.


I've searched my soul to see what's fair.

Did I really mean them harm?

My only quest was to make sure the plan

Was good for both bees and swarm.


I know what's left for me to do

As I walk away from here.

I leave with welts all over my back,

My arms, my legs and my ears.


Learning a lesson on choosing my path

Is all that I take away.

Keeping my pride, I know that I tried.

No matter what they say.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, August 27, 1992