Virtue, a pleasant potential for vice.

Think it over once or twice.

Things that are good can be bad

When extremes become the usual fad.


Actions are on a continuum

With furthest ends--all or none.

Finding the balance in-between,

Will keep the actions from turning mean.


Think of it as salt or spice,

Just a pinch can make things nice.

But adding none or all we had,

Will show us how the good’s gone bad.

Giving to others−a definite plus.

But learning to take is also a must.

Just giving and giving can be a lack,

If others can’t help us by giving back.


Every action that we may hold

Can go to extremes for young and old.

Visualize moving from end to end.

Keep to the middle for virtue, my friend.


© Lynnette Schuepbach, October 16, 1992