Ah, Dog!  Man's best friend.

He's always there at each day's end.

He has no problem with loyalty.

No matter what, he comes to me.


He can be smart and learn to know

Some words mean stop and some mean go.

He can learn to sit and stay,

To heel, sit-up and beg away.


It matters not if I play the fool

Pretending to own the world's best jewel.

Looking through my dog's two eyes,

I'm a man of gigantic size.


My boss has yelled; my bankbook's dead;

My girlfriend's left; I'm seeing red.

I come home looking for relief,

And give the dog a case of grief.

I could give him one more whack.

He makes excuses for my lack!

Somehow, this doesn't seem just right.

I wonder why he doesn't bite?


If he's really man's best friend,

Perhaps he wouldn't still pretend.

He'd open up his mouth and say,

"I will not take that pain today!"


Sometimes I think I need that more

Than constant greeting at my door

As if I'd never been unkind.

I wish the dog would speak his mind!


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 28, 1992