Sunrise is spectacular

As yellow, orange and pink

Burst through fading, nighttime stars.

It happens in a wink.


You cannot hold the sunrise

From moving on to day.

Although it’s beauty takes the prize,

There’s nothing we can say.


The daytime gives light to grow

Plants, animals and man.

Stretching higher, learning to know

The meaning of life and land.


Daytime also must fade away,

Moving on to sunset.

Although there’s work for many days,

This new time will be met.


Sunset glows with colors wild

In purple, blue and red.

A time to reflect, sit back and smile

While colors dance o’er head.

Sunset, too, comes and goes,

Moving on to night.

A brilliant, burst of art that knows

It’s time is taking flight.


Night’s the time to contemplate

The meaning of the day.

Relax, sleep and rejuvenate

While stars twinkle away.


Nighttime also has an end,

Moving on to sunrise.

Stars welcome in this new-found friend

An attitude that’s wise.


Just like this, life’s cycles, too,

Never seem to last,

We gain a lot from changing views,

But lose some from the past.


Unless we willingly give up some,

Moving on to stages.

We’ll miss the chance for future fun,

And wisdom of the ages.


© Lynnette Schuepbach, October 21, 1992