Tears are nature's overflow

For pent-up energy, high or low.

The harder you try to keep them in check,

The stronger they roll down your face and neck.


Tears can come any where or time,

Seemingly, without reason or rhyme.

Once you feel it, you won't ask why

God gave us this gift--the urge to cry.


Births.  Deaths.  Your child's graduation.

Concerts.  Weddings.  Coming home from vacation.

Christmas.  New Year's.  A spat with a friend.

Movies.  Love songs.  A will that won't bend.


Sadness.  Laughter.  Impending doom.

Hatred.  Illness.  Our favorite room.

Frustration.  Hope.  A babe's first smile.

Anger.  Confusion.  Hold me awhile.


Like a wave of the ocean hitting the reef,

Tears wash excess feelings of joy and grief.

They're healthy.  Don't ask me to apologize

The next time you see me with tears in my eyes.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 11, 1992