Life is full of little joys.


Like morning sun in early spring

And sitting still remembering

The times we played as girls and boys.


The yellow of a springtime flower

Or talking with your friends for hours

While listening to the evening noise.


It's locust, crickets and falling rain

And hours and hours trying to explain

How Santa brings those nifty toys.


It's standing up for your belief.

The feel of grass beneath bare feet.

Yes, life is full of little joys.

It's feeling mud squoosh through your toes.

The love behind a dog's cold nose

That plays with neighboring girls and boys.


It's exercise to make us strong.

"I'm sorry!" when we know we're wrong.

They're heartfelt words, not merely noise.


The smell of cookies baking fresh.

A "C+"!  That was one hard test.

I think I earned a few more toys!


Yes.  Life is full of little joys.

Enjoy them all, each girl and boy.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 30, 1992