L. H. from Arnold, Missouri asked, "How do you keep creativity alive and flowing?"

Dear L,

There are a large variety of methods to open creativity. The methods that “sing” to me are walking and Unifield Therapy.

For me, walking has become a moving meditation that brings clarity of mind…and doesn’t hurt the old body either. I’ve found that walking is much more fruitful if it is in an area with trees, water and wildlife that stimulate my visual, auditory and olfactory senses. I study shadows, colors and the behaviors of humans and animals as I walk. The walk and study sometimes triggers a thought about a challenge or problem that I have encountered either in my own life or in the lives of people around me. Usually, it stimulates a solution to it as well. And as I walk, the physical change of increased endorphins gives a physical “high” that can last all day.

Unifield Therapy is a healing therapy that shifts patterns of consciousness. I have been receiving it weekly for over 18 years and am a Certified Unifield Therapy Practitioner.

There are a multitude of other methods to stimulate the flow, such as massage, yoga, tai-chi, meditation, reflexology, biofeedback, transcendental meditation, hypnosis, running, etc.  Methods are too numerous to mention all of them. Test them out. When you find what “sings” to you, use it regularly.  Best of luck on your journey.

Thanks for asking!  Lynnette Schuepbach

Lynnette is an author/illustrator who sees creativity in every aspect of life. To find out more about her and creativity, visit her Web site KidsDoRead.com.  Her children’s books create curiosity in children and speak to sibling rivalry and bullying.

Lynnette serves as chair of the Art in the Park on the second weekend of October at the Lindendale Park in Highland. Many local artists will be exhibiting there. It’s her pleasure to be a part of this opportunity for you to experience “World Class Art in a Hometown Atmosphere.” More info at www.highlandartscouncil.org.


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