Spirit, O Spirit, give me a cure.

Make me feel healthy, complete and pure.


Send me medicine within a gift.

Send it through others.  Give my heart a lift.


Some give me music to move and dance.

A gift for my soul—chance to prance.


Some give me art that makes me feel sad.

A gift for my soul—shared pain that I've had.


Some give me cookies, an oral treat.

A gift for my soul—handwork so sweet.


Some give me listening when life is a wreck.

A gift for my soul—a time to reflect.

Some give me touch when muscles are tight.

A gift for my soul—my body feels right.


Some give me singing to delight the ear.

A gift for my soul—showing joy, pain or fear.


Some give me words in prose or rhyme.

A gift for my soul—remember that time?


Some give me friendship, really first rate.

A gift for my soul—a chance to relate.


Spirit, O Spirit, give gifts that you can.

Make us Medicine Woman or Medicine Man.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 2, 1992