There are many lessons for life to be found

In the park, at the zoo, on the school's playground.


Look at the sandbox.  It's a great place to build

Castles with towers and moats to be filled.

Create whatever you dream life can be,

And watch it crumble in one, two, three.


Run to the swings.  Jump on an push!

Pump hard with both legs to fly over the bush.

First forward, then backward--keep changing the way.

Working toward nowhere while carried away.


Let's go to the merry-go-round and ride.

Grab hold of the bar and run with pride.

Jump on.  Enjoy the view all around,

Going faster and faster over the same old ground.

The slide is a completely different matter,

As you firmly step on each rung of the ladder.

Striving, yes, striving to reach the top

With nowhere to go but back down with a plop.


Hey!  There's another, the jungle gym.

Hand over hand keeps us fit and trim.

Decide which way is steady and strong

Or fall to the ground if the choice is wrong.


Teamwork is what makes see-saw success.

It takes balance to make it work the best.

Not too far left or too far right

Will keep it working without a fight.


Of all the park and playground toys

Choose balance, all you girls and boys!


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 13, 1992