Imagine!  Riding through life in an old canoe,

Floating along with nothing to do.

Although the others asked me to oar,

It seemed like a really difficult chore.


So I kept real still, and no one knew

That I was a passenger in the canoe.

I didn't paddle;  I didn't guide.

Surely, the others could handle this ride.


But then the group went left, not right.

The goal got farther out of site.

Why can't they see which way to go

To reach the goal?  I thought they'd know.

I began to talk to the one in charge

To change the rudder on this small barge,

Convincing all the workers here

That the goal could bring us all some cheer.


I found that if I want things right,

I must be willing to fight the fight,

To master what seems an impossible task--

To take my oars and make a splash.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 21, 1992