It's really hard, sometimes, to tell

If someone new means harm or well.

It's hard to trust my inner clues

At first, when meeting someone new.


From childhood, I was told, "Be nice!

So what if she yells once or twice?

Don't trust what simmers way down deep!

She's really good--not mean and cheap!"


After years of training such,

My gut agrees it knows not much.

And I fall victim to the prey

That lurks in shadows of each day.


And, too, the world does not know me.

Rarely, do they really see.

Although I gladly share my mind

I'm hidden away from human kind.

Then, one day, I learned to trust

That I can see through flesh and lust.

Inner vibes have seen and heard.

They tell me thoughts without a word.


Next, I meet friends with this same knack

Of seeing clear through from front to back.

It makes me slightly ill-at-ease

To be exposed so easily.


And, yet, I'm soaring through the trees.

I'm riding high!  I'm out!  I'm free!

The door's unlocked.  I no longer hide.

Someone really sees inside!


I drink it in with smiles and tears,

Filling the void of many years.

Afraid to admit it's really here.

And, yet, afraid it will disappear.


After a while, I know it won't end.

And it's okay to be exposed to a friend.

I hang on to feelings of flying free,

And thank the Lord for you and me!


Lynnette Schuepbach, February 15, 1993