Reflections of love are hard to explain.

They run the gambit from joy to pain.


Partnership.  Sharing.  Caring.  Joy.

These are feelings for each girl and boy.


Companionship.  Teamwork.  Laughter.  Bond.

All are good for a day at the pond.


Confrontation.  Talking.  Reason.  Trust.

Clearing the air is often a must.


Commitment.  Passion.  Romance.  Hugs.

Snuggle each other like bugs in rugs.

Unison.  Friendship.  Heartache.  No.

Love may mean staying or packing to go.


Compromise.  Fondness.  Yearning.  Flame.

Love should not be a win/lose game.


Harmony.  Conflict.  Comfort.  Mate.

Meeting each other isn't left up to fate.


Solitude.  Fullness.  Total.  One.

Alone or together, we're in for some fun!


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 6, 1992

Dedicated to Carl and Janet Baumann