Chelsea, my Chelsea,

Companion and friend.

I love you, so dearly,

My heart may not mend.


I see you, so clearly,

Stalking the birds,

Tending the puppies,

And minding my words.


You'd jump in the truck

And head for the seat.

You needed to see,

Nevermind your wet feet!


We'd go to the cabin

To hunt or run,

Sniff out the trails,

Or just for the fun.


Although you didn’t

Start out to be,

You ended up a

Good hunter for me.


Forty pheasants came

Home one day.

You pointed and held

Like no dog would stay.

You’d turn and look

And hold your ground.

I’d know you’d have

Two birds nailed down.


You’d never retrieve

The birds all the way.

For fear I would

End our hunting and play.


It took three days

Burning fire and wood,

To thaw the ground

Right where you had stood.


We buried you there

Out at the farm,

Marked with a stone,

Free from worldly harm.


Chelsea, my Chelsea,

Companion and friend,

Chelsea, my Chelsea,

My love never ends.

© Lynnette Schuepbach, January 21, 1993