Sam, the dog, Faithful Friend.
Cheerful and loving 'til the end.
Lab and malamute. What a mix.
And there's no end to his brilliant tricks.

Sit. Lay down. Bang, you're dead.
Roll all the way over. I'll pat your head.
No! Don't eat that cookie treat!
Not yet! Not yet! OK, you can eat.

The electric fence kept you safe in the yard.
Learning that lesson wasn't too hard.
Squirrels! Squirrels! Your ears would perk.
You'd slowly stalk; then run with a jerk.

You chased the shadows at five o'clock.
And many times, you ate our socks.
Though you were in and out all night,
Your loving eyes made it all right.

You thought the couch was your bed
No matter what we did or said.
We loved the way you welcomed us home,
Guarding the house when you were alone.

I'd look up at the stars and sigh,
"Sam, did you ever see such a beautiful sky?"
And now, you safely lay at rest.
Oh, Faithful Friend, you were the best.

©Lynnette Schuepbach, October 23, 1993