Your energy deceives my senses.


I hear your breathing.

The in and out of your Soul's lifeforce.

Your hot breath on my neck

Stirs my being.

I reach for you as your breath vanishes

Into your energy.


I hear you call my name.

That sweet, melodious sound

That makes my Soul sing.

I look to the left and the right

As your voice vanishes

Into your energy.


I feel the softness of your hair.

The curve of your muscular body.

The gentle touch of your hands

Upon my face.

I reach to connect as your hand vanishes

Into your energy.

I taste the sweetness of

Your lips against mine.

The saltiness of your damp skin.

The moistness of your passion tears.

I move to wipe your tears as your taste vanishes

Into your energy.


I see the salt and pepper in your hair.

The crow's feet, created by the joyous Soul within.

The sweet smile greeting All that is.

I open my eyes 

As your vision vanishes

Into your energy.


My only hope is for your growing strength.

Strength enough to join

Your energy with mine on this plane

Or strength enough to

Make your energy

Vanish from me completely.

© Lynnette Schuepbach, February 19, 1999