There is nothing my mom can't do.

Give me an ear and I'll list them for you.

She stoked the furnace.  Cleaned cinders too.

She mended my clothes and shined my shoes.


Cooking turkey and dressing for her was a snap.

Then she did the dishes while some of us napped.

She went to auctions and found a good deal

On cradles and lamps and fishing reels.


In her jeans she looked real cute,

Yet went to work in a business suit.

She worked long hours and traveled far,

Yet, I know she loves us wherever we are.

Even though all of us made mistakes,

She stood by us, guiding us through our fates.

Sometimes, I think she's an unending well

That loved us every time we fell.


She never gave up and labeled us bad.

She understood all the trials we've had.

Sometimes, it was hard to understand

How she knew just when to hold my hand.


Her heart must be larger than the earth,

For more love pours out with every birth.

Although she has love for family and friends,

I know she keeps loving me again and again.


Dedicated to Patty Parrish

−Lynnette Schuepbach, January 23, 1993