As I watch mySelf while outside of me,

I see the scene more objectively.

Why did you say all of those things?

Is it the truth or rememberings

That make me sit and steam and stew?

Must I stay with this same point of view?

I think I'll change my reality

By quizzing my usual personality.

No, I will not stay this way.

I have the will to change today.

Just because it was before

Does not keep me from expecting more.


I must look long, I must look deep

To see me from another's seat.

I stand aside and watch me work,

Observing every style and quirk.

I see what nature brings to me

In people, places and internally.

I pick and choose what parts will stay,

And others must be thrown away.

I take the best from all the land

To blend and make an alternative brand

Of skillful will that has a trick

Of joining those that contradict.

And now I find that will is more,

It opens every closing door.

Mind, you're strong, but take the pill!

Nothing tops empowering will.

The tapes mind plays are from the past

I'm not required to make them last

And keep from here to eternity.

I'm in control of what happens to me!

Empowering will will make the change

For mind to find a brand new range

For building toward a destiny

Of purpose based on individuality.


Be careful!  There is more to come.

And now, I know I must succumb

To ways that match with God's design

Of using me to make life fine.

By giving up my strong intent

To take control of all events,

I find Real Will can take control

And see solutions for my soul

That never could occur without

The give-away of personal clout.

By giving up to All That Be,

Revelations come to the likes of me.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 24, 1992