God made Earth for us to use,

To share, to keep, but not abuse.

There's part of him in every piece.

We have no deed.  It's just a lease.


Earth Awareness is the trick

For every Tommy, Jane and Dick.

Look before you through the trash

To find a source for ready cash.


Reduce the use.  We must take heed

To keep the resource all will need.

Planting trees is not enough

If all keep using too much stuff.

Recycle things that we can use

To help us save instead of lose.

Insist your city sorts the trash

By aluminum, paper, plastic, glass.


We can't see it, but air is there

Protected by the ozone layer.

Factories need to act, not talk.

We can ride a bike or take a walk.


We've got to be gnats swarming the face

Of every part of the human race

Seeking a change in our paradigm

That resources last 'til the end of time.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 17, 1992