A Higher Force than human kind

May have a better plan in mind.

Tho’ our strong will shows magnitude

By exerting determined attitudes,

At times it may be good to quit,

Collect your loss and then submit.


Let's zero in on all the need

That family,  clan or group may breed

To build for growth and standing tall

Together now; not for a fall.

A Higher Force has made the call

For greater good of one and all.


Look at herds of gentle deer

Always watching at their rear.

The slower, weaker, ill in health

Will just submit to save the wealth

Of all the rest within the herd.

They die without regretful word.

At times the weeds will spread way out.

The farmer knows to use his clout,

Or wheat will never have a chance

To bear its seeds on all the plants.

The farmer must determined be

To make the food for you and me.


The question comes ‘bout knowing how

To tell which way is right, right now.

Is now the time to stop and quit

Or standing firm, “I’ll not submit!”?

The only way we can decide

Is listening to our Strength inside.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, October 6, 1992