Prayer is like a gentle breeze,

Whispering through stately trees,

Making words, chants and songs

Echoing the whole day long

Like wishes made on bended knees.


Prayer is like a summer sun,

Beating down, while children run

To laugh and play, to run and chase

Each other all around this place,

Secure in warmth of love from One.


Prayer is like a winter snow,

Floating down with glistening glow.

Each flake different than the other

Will give chances to discover

Worth in things we did not know.

Prayer is like springtime rain,

Washing over growing pains,

Cleansing off and making clear

What needs are met by facing fear,

To see the Truth while minds are sane.


Prayer is like the whispy smoke

Flying high to give a poke

To God and all His mighty power.

Guide us through this troubled hour

Seeing humor in life’s joke.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, October 7, 1992