Butterfly, O Flutter By

Teach me the way of the butterfly,

Gliding on air as it flutters by.

Born as a caterpillar, fuzzy and strange,

Instinctively eating to build for the change.


Preparing now for things to come

Done without fear is the first rule of thumb.

Crawling around with no reason or rhyme.

Searching for strength to transform in time.


Trust in yourself is rule number two.

Know when it's time;  then begin what is due.

Find the spot and spin from within.

Cover yourself from your legs to your chin.


All that you need is INSIDE right now.

The food that you ate prepared you, and how!

Wait for the miracle; the old part must die.

The new is more beautiful;  spread wings and fly!

©Lynnette Schuepbach, August 25, 1992