Illinois.  It's boring they say.

But I can see beauty along the way.

The Corn Belt, The Prairie, The Flat Lands too,

Let me show the beauty to you.


The sky goes on and on and on.

The sunset and the morning dawn

Are spectacular in orange and red,

Like Michelangelo paints o’er head.


The night--a panoramic scene.

Lie down.  Look up.  It seems a dream.

Moon and stars, you’ll never find

Such twinkling jewels to blow your mind.


In spring, the winter wheat is gold,

A vivid piece of art.  Behold!

It sways in waves across the land,

A simple work of God's great hand.

Each season brings a scene, unique.

A time to plant.  A time to reap.

Slow down and really take it in.

See it from your eyes within.


Grasp the beauty surrounding you,

A piece of art for all to view.

Illinois and all the states

Are landscapes only God can make.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, October 3, 1992