Children, O Children, it's perfectly clear

You choose your parents before you appear.

Look at them both.  See what you find.

Both will have wisdom for heart, health and mind.


Consider the foxes for what they can teach.

Working for all and still working for each.

Each cub protected by both mom and pop,

His welfare and safety are listed on top.

None of them sit around gathering dust.

Joint efforts from each is surely a must.

They grow up together;  then mom and pop know

Though painful and fearful, each one must go.


If any cub lingers, reluctant to leave.

The parents will fight them, while inside they grieve.

Children, O Children, learn from each one.

Be healthy.  Be faithful.  Above all, have fun!


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 3, 1992

Dedicated to Patty and Josh