There are no means to take away

The negatives along this stay.

But turning negatives around

Transforms them into rich, new ground.


Being born with quick, sharp mind

When girls are not to be that kind,

Made me brunts of many jokes

From enemies, friends and other folks.


But!!  Then I found that I could teach

To stretch the minds so they could reach

Heights and depths of brilliant size,

A healthy change before my eyes.

I also had "over-sensitivity"

I felt things whole-heartedly.

I couldn't brush things off and grin

To hide the feelings deep within.


But!!  I also feel what bothers you

To help you know just what to do.

I comfort, talk and sympathize

To help you work through troubled lives.


We all are born with similar plight,

Things that never feel just right.

But!!  Negatives turned to the positive side,

Magically transform this mysterious ride.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, September 29, 1992