Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether great or small,

Experience and conflict,

Let’s thank one and all.


The cry of a babe,

A father’s caress,

Guidelines and rules,

Expecting no less.


A kiss from a dog,

Teaching him tricks.

Two brothers fighting,

Each get in their licks.


Hand-stitched quilts,

Each made with care.

Pumping the tires

With just the right air.

Cardinals and bluejays

Eating fresh seeds

While squirrels and sparrows

Take what they need.


Children excited by

Learning to read.

Seeing the dewdrops

In glistening beads.


Death and slow changes

Bring on the new.

Exchanging some old thoughts

For new points of view.


We thank you for all,

From which we can gain.

All days can’t be sunny,

Sometimes we need rain.


−Lynnette Schuepbach, October 22, 1992

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