Halloween’s a time to play

Postpone adulthood one more day.

Or turning back the hands of time

To feel just like a kid of nine.


Paint your face with colors queer.

It's time to haunt this hemisphere

With hoots and hollers down the street

Demanding something good to eat!


It's a time to rant and rave,

A time when no one must behave

Dressed up as ghosts or devils, red,

Nixon, Dick Tracy or Mr. Ed.


Pick a costume, wet and wild,

Remembering feelings of the child

Who took this time to let it out,

To scream or laugh or just plain shout!


An then the rising of the sun

Will temper all this child-like fun.

For Halloween just lasts one night

And everyone should hold on tight


For feeling like a child brings cheer

In play-filled work throughout the year.

Remember feeling full of play

And bring the child out every day.


©Lynnette Schuepbach, October 2, 1992