Biography of David A. Ladd

The biography of David A. Ladd, founder of Walnut Hollow, offers each reader insight into this industry giant’s life, his antics as a youth, and how he turned the disadvantages of a simple farm life into big business. Industry friends can benefit from the description of the craft and creative industries during its early years and learn what made his businesses successful. Ladd began with a paint and wallpaper business in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. While that business was still thriving, he began Walnut Hollow with only five sizes of Walnut Country Rounds as a complete product line. The biography will take you through the development of both businesses, the relationships he made along the way, and his conscious efforts to keep conservation a required part of production.

Ladd suffered a great loss at the age of twelve, when his dad died. This defining moment gave him the determination needed to help his mom pay for a newly acquired farm, and ultimately, the determination to build a successful business. Those who grew up in the middle of the 1900s will enjoy reliving stories about farm life, which includes hunting, fishing, butchering, making hay, and many mischievous deeds of young country boys.

Lynnette Schuepbach worked for Walnut Hollow for 12 years and saw first-hand the integrity of the company and the Ladd family.

If you grew up in the country or wish to find out how life was in the 30s and 40s, this book is an excellent account. It will give you successful ideas for business and conservation of the earth.

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