A. G. from Granite City, Illinois asked, "What is the difference between a print and a limited-edition print and why does it cost more?"

Dear A,

A print is a mechanical or digital reproduction of an original work. The artist can produce as many as he chooses to reproduce. When a limited-edition print is made, the artist has guaranteed that he will only reproduce a specific number of prints and numbers each one to verify that’s what is being done.

In economics, the relation between supply and demand usually dictates the price of art as well as any other product. The artist/gallery increases the price for limited-edition prints because supply is limited by the number reproduced. If the reputation of the artist is huge or as the artist becomes more popular, the value of the limited-edition print is also increased.

Most of us buy art because it pleases our senses or “speaks” to us in some way. However, art is also purchased with hopes of selling it for a profit on the secondary art market. (The secondary art market is a network of dealers and individuals who buy and sell prints above the issue price, after an image is sold-out by the publisher.) If you plan to use art as an investment to be sold at a later date for profit, limited-edition prints are the way to go.

Thanks for asking!  Lynnette Schuepbach

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