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Four-Eyed Philip

Written by Cynthia Dwyer

Illustrated by Lynnette Schuepbach

Four-Eyed Philip provides a voice for bullied children who all too often are left silent and fearful. Sadly, being bullied can begin early in a child’s school experience. In this story, Philip finds a way to build his confidence which helps him stop the bullying without violence. It’s a great way to start a conversation about bullying and the effect it has on bullies, victims and those who watch.


Cynthia Dwyer, EdS, grew up in Indiana, where she took off her glasses to swim in national competitions. She provided district-level literacy support in Florida. She taught graduate courses in reading and writing. Dwyer, a reading specialist and former public school teacher and principal, was well prublished on the issue of bullying. Her first book, Can You See Me Now?, was released in 2006.


Lynnette Schuepbach is the author and illustrator of Froggy Hollow, Shhhh!!! and Cat Time. She is also the illustrator of Dwyer's first book, Can You See Me Now? Schuepbach creates in watercolor and colored pencils, wood carving, wood burning, and photography. She is dedicated to encourage creativity in education.


ISBN 0-9793296-0-4

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