T. S. from Lebanon, Illinois asked, "How do creative inspirations come to you?"

Dear T.

I’m glad you found the creative spirit interesting!  I have two examples.

The first happened years ago when I traveled to a trade show in Philadelphia. I took a watercolor project along and painted in my room after the show. I was painting daffodils (my favorite flower) and watching Dr. Zhivago (my favorite movie). I thought to myself, “I wish I could see the center of a daffodil to paint this flower more realistically.” Well, if you know the movie, there is a scene where it pans a field filled with daffodils and zooms up to the center of one flower. That was the scene that popped up just as I finished asking. I was really wishing I could have had someone there to share my excitement. I’m laughing! I’m talking to myself! I’m amazed! This was over 20 years ago and I’m still thrilled and surprised with the way it works!

The second was more of a business decision. I was working in Chicago and knew the department was closing soon. I was trying to decide if I should stay in Chicago or move back to Highland while finding a new position. So I asked the question while driving, “Should I go home or stay in Chicago?” I waited to see what happened. As I passed a truck, I noticed that the mud flaps read “Get Home, Get Cash.” I marveled at this because I had not seen those mud flaps before and it seemed to answer the question. My logical mind was trying to justify and dismiss the idea when the next truck’s mud flaps I passed read, “Get Home, Get Cash.”  I followed the idea and found a position. I’m not saying that you should believe every mud flap that comes your way. Just be open to the answers, which may be right in front of you.

Thanks for asking!  Lynnette Schuepbach

Lynnette is an author/illustrator who sees creativity in every aspect of life. To find out more about her and creativity, visit her Web site KidsDoRead.com.  Her children’s books create curiosity in children and speak to sibling rivalry and bullying.

Lynnette serves as chair of Art in the Park on the second weekend of October at the Lindendale Park in Highland. Many local artists will be exhibiting there. It’s her pleasure to be a part of this opportunity for you to experience “World Class Art in a Hometown Atmosphere.” More info at www.highlandartscouncil.org.

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