Froggy Hollow

Froggy Hollow is a delightful, colorful book for ages 0-7 years.

Skills Learned

  • Rote counting
  • One to one consideration
  • Large/small
  • Big/bigger
  • High/low
  • Here/There
  • Clockwise motion
  • Rhyming
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Child’s imagination

Hopping-good reading as your child learns counting skills, rhyming, and the clockwise movement of a clock. Froggy Hollow with its bright, eye-catching watercolor pictures is “ribbet”-ing. “Leap” into this darling children’s book.” …..Marsha Moore, 2nd grade teacher.

Froggy Hollow is a delightful book for ages 0-7 years, helping children learn to count while having fun. Not only does it focus on math skills, such as rote counting, one to one consideration, the concepts of large/small, big/bigger, and high/low, but also places the numbers like the face of a clock, to familiarize children with counting in a clockwise motion. The book also uses rhyming, which leads to phonemic awareness, and the book can be used for vocabulary enrichment and the development of the child’s imagination. Froggy Hollow can also be used as a springboard for learning about frogs, their dietary habits, growth patterns and natural habitat.

The unique part of Froggy Hollow is the page dedicated to the parents. It will help them use the book in the most educational way possible. Schuepbach offers simple suggestions to parents, questions to help the child interact with the parent, and a list of skills that will help parents understand the value of reading from the day the child is born.

Lynnette Schuepbach is a self-taught artist/illustrator and author/poet with a Bachelor of Music Education degree from SIUE. Schuepbach has two sons and three grandchildren and has used her personal experiences in teaching children when developing her line of children’s books. Froggy Hollow is is dedicated to her first grandson, Kade Alen Schuepbach, born on August 17, 2004.

ISBN 0-9759613-0-6

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