Cat Time

Cat Time celebrates a child’s imagination while helping him to tell time on a conventional clock. Ages 0-7.

Skills Learned:

  • Rhyming
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Rhythmic patterns
  • Repetition
  • Telling time
  • Appreciation for imagination

Cat Time is a colorful, imaginative book for ages 0-7 years, helping children learn to tell time on a traditional clock face while appreciating pretending skills. The book uses rhyming, which leads to phonemic awareness, can be used for vocabulary enrichment and the development of the child’s ability to pretend. Parents can spring into other educational opportunities after reading Cat Time by encouraging children to learn about cats, their eating habits, growth patterns, birthing process and natural habitat. Pretending encourages creative thinking by opening all possibilities to every situation. When children imitate Liddy, their own skills will be expanded.

The unique part of Cat Time is the page dedicated to the parents. It helps them use the book in the most educational way possible. Schuepbach offers simple suggestions to parents, questions to help the child interact with the parent, and a list of skills that will help parents understand the value of reading from the day the child is born.

Lynnette Schuepbach is a self-taught artist/illustrator and author/poet with a Bachelor of Music Education degree from SIUE. Cat Time is Schuepbach’s third published children’s book, joining Froggy Hollow and Shhhh!!! Her poetry has been featured in several poetry anthologies since 1984, and one of her poems, “Speak to Me,” was used as the basis for a wood carving book published by Walnut Hollow of Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Schuepbach has two sons and two grandchildren and has used her personal experiences in teaching children when developing her line of children’s books. Cat Time is dedicated to her great niece, Lydia Marie Campbell, who pretended to be a cat when she was small.

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